keep your tent tidy guide

Keep Your Tent Tidy

Most tents will come with a small plastic tarp that sits outside the entryway of the tent. If your tent does not have one of these, you will want to place a rug of some sort for foot wiping. You will also want to keep another pad next to this one so you can leave your shoes outside the tent. The tent floor will stay cleaner longer and will last longer if you do not wear your shoes inside. If your tent has an awning, your shoes should be safe outside. Or, you can place them in a plastic bag inside your tent to avoid unnecessary dirt and debris.

As you are camping, you will regularly want to check the exterior of the tent for twigs, leaves and other material that may cause your tent material to stain. You will want to do this before any rain or dew accumulates and runs its color into the fabric. Also, wash off any surfaces that have been visited by birds as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to have a small whisk broom and dust pan near your tent doorway. This allows you to quickly sweep up any dirt or debris on the tent floor. Your tent will also benefit from a good shaking. This will get anything off that has been hanging in the corners or on the poles of your tent.

Enjoy your camping trip and keep your tent tidy.

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