keep beer cold while camping guide

Keep Beer Cold While Camping

If you are traveling with cold foods, you will want them to be in their own separate coolers with a cold source, away from drinks. Drink coolers are opened more often than your food storage coolers. If you are traveling with foods that are going to be difficult to keep cold, it is best to cook them ahead of time, cool them and then transport them cold.

There are several coolers on the market that are designed for keeping foods cold for several days in hot temperatures, such as the Coleman Extreme Cooler. These are plastic coolers that can be left with cubed ice for up to three or four days and the ice barely melts. This is the type of cooler you want to look for to store your food in. They are perfect for protecting foods that are known to spoil easy. If you do not protect those food items, then you are taking a chance at spoiling your trip with food poisoning.

For optimum cooling you can use dry ice, as it is colder than 32 degrees to begin with and will keep your cold foods below that 40-degree level that is optimum for safety. Also, you can use cubed ice and create an ice bath. Water and ice mixed together create a thermal mass that allows items in the cooler to stay colder and it will protect them from warm shots of air that occur every time the cooler is opened.

In addition to the Coleman Extreme Cooler, there are other similar coolers such as the Icey-Tec. These coolers are designed to keep ice in 90+-degree heat for 9-10 days. There are a variety of different coolers on the market and the type that you choose will depend on your uses as well as your budget. The Icey-Tec can cost up to $200, depending on the size of cooler that you require. Styrofoam coolers have been popular for several years, but they are prone to crushing and cracking easily. They are nice for short trips to keep beverages cold. Metal coolers are also capable of keeping very cold for periods of time. You don't need as much ice to keep them cold, but they do tend to be quite heavy.

Whichever cooler type you are using there are some basic rules to follow. Never let the cooler set in direct sunlight. Set it under a tree or picnic table. If there isn't any shade for your cooler then create shade by laying a tarp or something on top draped over the sides and ends. Make sure your tarp is secured so it won't blow away.

Enjoy you camping trip and keep beer cold while camping.

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