how to setup your popup trailer guide

How to Setup Your Popup trailer

Begin by checking everything at your campsite and ensure that it is working properly. Check that the electric is good and that there is water at your campsite. You do this by using a polarity checker that you can obtain at RV supply stores. These plug into the electricity at the campsite and will tell you if the polarity is correct. If you do not do this and the polarity is off, metal surfaces in your trailer may become "hot." If everything looks good, back your camper into the site. You want it to be level side to side, so you may need to make some adjustments.

Once you are in place, chock the wheels by placing blocks of wood on each side of the tires and disconnect your towing mechanism. Chocks will ensure that your trailer will not roll away. Move your car out of the way so that you can use the front wheel jack to level the camper front to back.

Open your awning bag, remove the poles and allow the awning to lie out on the ground. Next, unlatch the roof hooks and double check that all are unlatched. Raise the roof all the way. Pull out your wood blocks for stabilizers and crank down all four of them.

Pull out your beds and place the braces underneath them. Pull out your tenting and lift up bed bars that support the bed areas on the end of the trailer. Place the tenting over the bed corners and secure.

Insert your rafter poles that hold up awning and adjust the legs. Stake the awning ropes into the ground. Lower and install your door.

Finally, set up the table and all of the cushions.

Outside of the trailer you are going to want to set-up the following as well: Fire ring for your campfire. Awning lights to illuminate your trailer's "porch" Clothesline Trash cans

Inside the trailer you will need to set-up: Toilet filled with water, if you have it Set up bedding Put away groceries Set-up shower, if you have one.

Setting Up Electricity, Water and Other Utilities: There may be differences in setting up utilities depending on your trailer's manufacturer. Plug electricity cord into shore power. The electricity at your campsite will be referred to as shore power. Close all gas connections and turn your propane tank on Many pop-ups do not have a stove in the kitchen, instead they have a propane stove/grill that hangs on the outside of the trailer and you will need to hang up the stove after setting up the trailer. Fill water tank or hook up to water source. Set up outgoing water Turn on furnace and thermostat if needed for heat.

Enjoy your camping trip and how to setup your popup trailer.

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