how to prolong your tents life guide

How to Prolong Your Tents Life

You never want to store food in or around your tent. You should also never eat in the tent. The smell of food in the tent will only tempt wild animals, such as bears, that you don't want in your tent or trying to get in your tent. Ants and other bugs may also be attracted to your tent and these can be difficult to remove. Tents are made of breathable material, but all material can harbor the sent of food for a long time. If your campsite has a picnic table or if you have a folding table, eat at that table. You should also consider storing food in your trunk or car. This will ensure that your tent does not soak in the smells of food that may cause your tent to have a horrible odor for years down the road. By not eating in your tent now, you will prolong the life and nice smell of your tent for years to come.

If the tent came with a ground cloth, and most do, use it. These tarps are slightly smaller than the base of your tent, but they help protect the bottom of the tent from sharp rocks, sticks and other rough areas. They can also help keep groundwater away from the bottom of the tent. If your tent did not come with a ground cloth, you can also use a regular tarp. Tuck the edges of the tarp beneath the tent to keep any rain from collecting under the tent.

When you get home with your tent, air them out in the yard for a while. This will help prevent the tent from developing mildew or mold. It can also help to get rid of any odors the tent might have picked up in your travels.

Enjoy your camping trip and how to prolong your tents life.

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