care and repair for your tent guide

Care and Repair for Your Tent

Some camping stores are really nice and they will show you how to set the tent up right there in the store or in the parking lot. Most of the time, however, you are going to be on your own to figure this out. This means that as soon as you get the tent home you will want to do a trial run in the backyard.

Never go to a campsite without having set your tent up at least once. Setting it up ahead of time allows you to take time, take notes and make sure you have everything that the tent was supposed to come with. Some tents will also require that you seal the seams. If you need to do this, then setting up the tent and doing this in your backyard is your best bet.

If the tent does need seams sealed, the instructions should tell you how you do this. You will want to leave the tent up for several hours to allow the stitching holes to stretch and be filled with the sealant. The seams of the tent should also be double stitched and folded over. This will prevent any leakage.

A tent repair kit is also vital. You can make one yourself or purchase them at your camping supply store. Your kit should include nylon repair tape as well as vinyl tape. If a kit is not sold with your tent, you can try to get a swatch of matching fabric for patching. Other supplies include:

  • Sewing Kit
  • Temporary repair sleeves for poles
  • Spare zipper sliders
  • Spare window mesh
  • Shock cord
  • Duct tape
  • Snap-on grommets

Enjoy your camping trip and care and repair for your tent.

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