baby camping equipment guide

Baby Camping Equipment

Babies are really easy to take camping and they love it. There is no special baby camping equipment required when taking your baby camping. They just need one thing, Mommy. Let's face it; they will be happy anywhere so long as Mommy is there. Now there are a few pieces of equipment you could take along to make things a little easier for Mom that will give here a little free time.

See our baby camping equipment checklist.

It includes the basics such as clothes, bottles, formula, food, snacks and diapers. Next on the priority list will be that favorite blanket and toy you wouldn't dare leave home without these.

Disposable diapers could be a good choice so you don't have to deal with a diaper pail and its bug and critter attracting aromas. Just dispose of the throw away diapers in appropriate trash containers and you're done.

Taking along the baby swing and stroller could come in handy. You do want a baby carrier because there is always some walking to do when you go camping. And remember the baby's hat or hood to protect from the sun. These items should be on your baby camping equipment list for sure.

When camping with baby, make a "sleeping pen" by arranging duffle bags around the child. Baby sleeps in the middle and is cushioned on either side should they go rolling in the night. A hammock also doubles as a great sleep aid for babies as well. Give them a little rock and they'll be asleep in no time.

Babies also sleep very well in portable playpens. Playpens double as safe, but portable spaces as well. You don't have to worry about stepping on a child in the middle of the night either.

Use our baby camping equipment checklist.

Enjoy your camping trip with your baby.


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