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Camping With Pets

Cats aren't much for camping, but your dog will love it! They love to run through the woods and explore with their family members. If you are vacationing very far from home, you will need to bring your pet's health documents with you. This ensures a veterinarian would be able to help your pet in the event that they have a health problem, especially one that is chronic or recurrent. If you're traveling to a different state, you will need this information as well. Also, make sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations, in particular rabies vaccinations. It is also very important that your dog has dog tags with your name and contact information printed on them, as well as Rabies tags if your state requires them.

After you have your tent pitched, set up your dog's area. He will need a food and water bowl area that is convenient, but won't get kicked or stepped on. You can avoid unnecessary mud by placing these dishes on a plastic mat.

Next, you will need a dog walk kit. Many campgrounds have a dog walk area, complete with pooper-scooper baggies. You may also want to bring along your own pooper-scooper depending on where you will be camping. It's only polite to pick up after your pet.

If you trust your dog off leash, he will probably be okay around the campsite. If you don't then you will want to set up a dog run between two trees for your pet. This can also come in handy if Fido is bad about begging or stealing food off of your children's plates. Arrange the dog run with a rope between two trees and attach his leash so that he run freely up and down. You can also use a stake leash, but be aware that dogs can easily get tangled around trees with these. Keep the dog's food and water nearby and make sure he has a shady spot to lie down in.

If the dog is allowed to come into the tent, then you will want a dog wash station as well. This is a place where you can wipe down the dog's feet and body to keep him from tracking in mud, leaves, sticks, and whatever else sticks to him.

Losing your dog is the number one camping nightmare. One way to ensure that he is easily identifiable is to have a microchip placed in the dog's neck skin. You can also have the dog tattooed and registered with the National Dog Registry.

Try to avoid allowing your dog to do any unsupervised wandering; most states have leash laws that you must follow. Skunks and porcupines can quickly ruin an otherwise fun camping trip. At night, it is always a good idea to allow your dog to sleep inside your tent. Domesticated dogs can easily become prey to wildlife that may be lurking around the campsite at night. Many dogs have become prey to large cats, bears, wolves and coyotes. Also, by keeping your dog inside he won't be able to see a lot of things in the dark that might prompt him to bark all night.

Enjoy your camping trip and camping with pets

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