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Camping Checklist

Knowing you are going on a camping trip is an exciting experience and can get you going in circles. Before venturing out on this great adventure there are a few items you will need to consider. Where are you going on this camping trip? You will also need to plan where you will stay while you are camping. You may choose to rough it such as tent camping in the wilderness or you may decide to investigate a camper rental for accommodations.

There are many businesses that provide camper rental accommodations so you may want to shop around and check out a few of the sources. Pick up and return days may vary between providers as well as cost of the rental. Look through brochures they may provide as well as an online website for details and items of interest. You may want to extend the rental time so check if you have the option to do so just in case you get to having too much fun and want to extend you outing.

Select the best place to camp and stay by considering the accommodations that are available as well as any activities you can participate in. These can vary based on the camp site or campground where you decide to stay. You may decide to camp by a lake to do a little fishing. An area out in the middle of nowhere may be your preference if you're looking to just get away and enjoy the quiet. If you are planning your trip around a holiday make sure you have reservations way in advance. Some of the more popular campgrounds will fill up months in advance.

Now we know when and where we are going and our accommodations have been arranged. Let's focus on our camping supplies and camping equipment. Gather up all your camping supplies and equipment in one place and get the camping checklist out. Make sure you use a thorough camping checklist for this part. You don't want to wake up your first morning to find out you don't have a coffee pot. This is a good time to check the condition of your supplies and equipment. Things can and do get damaged while being stored so use this opportunity to make sure everything is in good working order. Don't rely on your memory, write down the items that need to be replaced or repaired. Also list new equipment you may with to add to your collection.

Using your camping checklist start at the beginning and check off the items you want to take on this trip. You probably will not take everything on your checklist every time you go camping. Use the checklist is a reminder of things to take with you, not necessarily as a list of everything you have to take along. We have several checklists for you if you don't have one already. We believe these to be complete and very valuable. If you find something that is missing please let us know so we can update the checklists.

My experience has proven the first camping trip of the season is the most difficult to prepare for each year. Once you get all the camping gear out and accounted for then the rest will be much easier. Remember to help yourself to our many checklists and be sure to use them. We believe you will find them very valuable.

Enjoy your camping trip.

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