Camping Tips for All

Learn how-to camp with the whole family including baby, kids and pets. Keep them safe and protected from wild animals and big game.

by following these simple easy instructions you will learn to camp like a professional and keep your family safe from fire problems, wild animal problems and even save money by preventing food spoilage.

To my fellow campers,

I have been involved with the outdoors and camping dating back to my early childhood days as a cub scout.

If you are like many of our visitors chances are you’ve wanted to go camping or you’ve gone camping and want to bring along your baby, family members or pets but are concerned about what to do. Or you were concerned about the safety of building a fire. Or maybe you were concerned about your food spoiling and attracting wild and ferocious animals.

If you would like to learn the basics of camping and how to camp like a professional or veteran of many years, from building a fire, keeping a campsite safe, or what you need when bringing your family then this is the right place to start. Please read on…

Imagine having the know-how and knowledge to make this camping trip the best ever for the whole family. Experience the outdoors like never before by blending into nature and becoming a part of the beautiful outdoors. camping youth and deerHear the wind rustling through tree leaves, the birds chirping or even the absence of those city sounds you hear all to often. Forget about the everyday rat race and truly enjoy the outdoors as it was meant to be. You’ll cherish those memories for ever.

The outdoors and camping never cease to amaze me because it is always different. I always look forward to the next camping trip knowing there will be new challenges and opportunities with each adventure.

Opportunities and challenges frequently present themselves. Like when you are trying to cook supper and the wind is blowing or it’s raining and sometimes it’s raining and the wind is blowing. Knowing how to control your campfire in the wind can make the difference between a hot or cold supper. And knowing how to prevent your food from spoiling can prevent having to go home early or maybe having to go home hungry.

I never knew that such plain food could taste so good even if it did get cold from the wind before we were finished. No, it’s not time to pack up and head home because in a few hours it all changes and you are waking up to the chirping of birds, movement of wildlife, a beautiful sunrise and perhaps the freshest air you have ever breathed.

I decided to do this website when I realized there were many people searching for how-to camping information and camping tips and there was little to none available that answered the questions and solved the problems being searched for by so many.

I was willing to do the research and invest the time to put together information people were searching for and not finding. When I discovered there was such a large need for information about camping, I felt compelled to put this website together and provide solutions to the many problems people are searching for on the web.